We help advertisers who buy traffic from affiliate networks to track publishers who lead SEO traffic due to the system which monitors search results and websites in the automatic mode
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What is the problem?
Big companies working with affiliate networks often forbid publishers to lead traffic based on their brand search queries because they don't want to pay for their own organic traffic.

Meanwhile publishers often try to hide from an advertiser the fact that they lead traffic based on a brand search query. Tracking process is really hard. The most brands solve this problem by hand - through tracking brand search queries on their own, but this process takes a huge amount of resources. The problem becomes even more complicated if the search engine shows a fake website as a brand search query which directs users to an advertiser's landing right after a second transfer.
How can BluePear help me?
BluePear monitors your brand search queries and websites according to any gadget type, GEO and options 24 hours a day in the automatic mode
It prepares a report which specifies identifiers of your publishers in and also screenshots of his advertising materials for your brand search queries
It's a 100% argument in a controversy with an affiliate network regarding the quality of the incoming traffic - now you don't have to pay for your own organic traffic!
How to start working with BluePear?
Download your keywords
The system will monitor search queries and websites according to your keys
Set the extra options
GEO, gadget types, monitoring frequency and etc
Wait a little bit
The system will gather all the necessary key information within 24 hours
Take your PDF reports in the private office or receive it to your e-mail!
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